Cremation may be a confusing issue for Catholics. The reforms of the Second Vatican Council touched all areas in the life of the Church, including funeral and burial rites. At one time, the Church prohibited cremation in most circumstances. Many Catholics may believe that the Church still forbids cremations, but this is no longer the case. The Church does, however, offer guidance to people considering cremation. It also has specific expectations for burial of cremated remains in a cemetery. While the Church still strongly recommends traditional full body burial, cremation is now an option to be chosen “for sufficient reason.” Studying the issue and understanding the teaching of the Church will help you make an informed decision.

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History of Cremation in the Catholic Church
When is Cremation Allowed?
Disposition of Cremated Remains
Burial or Inurnment Options
Pre-Planning and Cremation

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Questions about cremation should be discussed with your pastor. The Catholic cemetery staff can also assist you with your questions. Please contact us for further information.