Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Seattle Washington

Calvary Cemetery
Seattle, WA

Holyrood Cemetery
Shoreline, WA

Gethsemane Cemetery
Federal Way, WA

A Legacy of Faith

      The Catholic cemetery is the final resting place for the members of our Faith Community on our Journey to God. It is the gate of heaven. Burial in the consecrated ground of the Catholic cemetery allows you to share your faith values with future generations of your family. This legacy of faith is your gift to them. Catholic cemeteries are signs of hope that are places of prayer. They witness our faith in the Lord Jesus and the hope we share in his resurrection.

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Mass in English - 10:30 AM

May 2 – Holyrood
May 9 – Calvary
May 16 – Gethsemane

June 6 – Holyrood
June 13 – Calvary
June 20 – Gethsemane


Full schedule & details

Misa en Español- 10:30 AM

Mayo 2 – Gethsemane
Mayo 16 – Holyrood

Abril 11 – Gethsemane
April 18 – Holyrood



Calandario de todas las misas en Español


Memorial Day – Serving God and Country: A Salute to Our Heroes



Annual Mass and Pilgrimage Honoring Our Lady of Antipolo



St. Mary Magdalene Columbarium – Holyrood Cemetery

Holyrood Cemetery, Shoreline, announces the addition of the St. Mary Magdalene columbarium in the Chapel Mausoleum. This columbarium will provide opportunities for the placement of cremated remains in the beautiful and prayerful setting of the mausoleum chapel. Each niche also includes an integral cremation urn. The columbarium features a beautiful artistic depiction of St. Mary Magdalene using a fused color glass process. Contact Holyrood Cemetery to learn the benefits that you and your family will enjoy from pre-planning.