Benefits of Pre-planning

Our Catholic cemetery tradition testifies to the sacredness of life and our hope as a people rooted in resurrection faith. It is a great gift that you give to your family by making these decisions well in advance. Planning in advance provides you with many benefits including:

Shared decision
Families can share in the choices and made decisions together, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction

Price protection
The cost of funeral and cemetery arrangements will likely increase in the future.  Pre-planning freezes costs at today’s prices.  Also, pre-planning expenses can be paid over time on a budget plan, while payment at the time of death is typically made on a cash basis.

Conserve your life insurance
Most life insurance is purchased to allow a family to adjust to the loss of income that a death causes.  If pre‑arrangements are not made, a large part of the insurance proceeds may be spent on funeral and cemetery expenses.

Peace of mind
Know that your pre-planning will save your loved ones from the burden of having to make these decisions when they are dealing with grief and loss.

Pre-planning is an act of responsibility and love. Contact us today to make cemetery arrangements tailored to your needs or call toll free: 1-888-784-8683.

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